Lewis S. Goodfriend & Associates is a diversified acoustical engineering consulting firm offering professional services in the fields of architectural acoustics; building acoustics; noise evaluation and abatement including environmental, industrial and transportation; HVAC, vibration analysis and expert witness testimony. The firm is registered as a Small Business Enterprise with the New Jersey Commerce & Economic Growth Commission.

With more than 65 years of experience in providing consulting engineering services for a wide range of projects and clients, our engineering staff effectively interfaces with professionals in all disciplines. Our extensive experience includes working with architects, planners, engineers and attorneys, both in the private sector and in government. The firm has worked closely with various industries for many years, having provided services for clients such as K. Hovnanian, Pfizer, Home Depot, Verizon, and Sunoco on a wide variety of projects.

Featured Project

Medarex/Bristol-Myers Squibb Generator Relocation

Client Name: Medarex

Project Location:
Bloomsbury, New Jersey / New Brunswick, New Jersey


  • Source Sound Pressure Level Measurements
  • Ambient Sound Pressure Level Measurements
  • Detailed Acoustical Modeling

Lewis S. Goodfriend & Associates completed an acoustical evaluation of a generator slated to be relocated from a Medarex facility to a Bristol-Myers Squibb facility. Measurements of the generator were performed at the Medarex location, and projected from the proposed Bristol-Myers Squibb location to the nearest residential and commercial property lines. LSG&A compared the results of the evaluation with the applicable State and local noise regulation, and determined that the existing acoustical enclosure for the generator would be sufficient in the new location, provided that the integrity of the enclosure was not compromised during the move. By keeping the same acoustical enclosure for the generator, the financial impact of the relocation was greatly reduced.