Acoustics & LEED

Lewis S. Goodfriend & Associates (LSG&A) provides design and testing services for projects to meet the acoustical portions of the LEED criteria in several categories:

LEED for Schools

LSG&A provides full acoustical design services for LEED for schools, as well as LEED required documentation. LSG&A is prequalified with the New Jersey School Development Authority, the New York School Construction Authority, and the Philadelphia School District. LSG&A also can provide an AIA approved 1 CEU seminar on classroom acoustics, which discusses the LEED for Schools, and other criteria.

LEED for Healthcare

LSG&A provided commentary to the AIA/AHA in regards to the draft version of LEED for Healthcare. The firm provides analysis for new designs as well as acoustical testing of existing healthcare facilities.

LEED for Homes

The new LEED for Homes guidelines criteria includes Acoustic Comfort as part of the Innovative Design Request. LSG&A has extensive experience with local and national builders in designing sound and impact isolation for residential designs. LSG&A can help design a new space so that it meets the LEED for Homes Acoustic Comfort criteria and help the design team gain an extra point.