Commissioning & Compliance
Acoustical Testing Services

LSG&A has extensive experience with the measurement and evaluation of noise and vibration relating to building service equipment in both interior and exterior environments for commissioning and compliance testing purposes. Our staff are trained and experienced in using LSG&A’s state-of-the-art measurement instrumentation and data analysis tools to accurately characterize the sound pressure levels in any situation. Measured data acquired by LSG&A has been accepted in courts of law, municipal board meetings and can be used for LEED certification/accreditation.

LSG&A has provided services for acoustical commissioning for various corporate entities such as Verizon, Merck, Pfizer, Kullman Industries, Inc. and other public and private enterprises. Recently, we have assisted the Dome-Tech Group to supplement their commissioning services.


Northern Valley High Schools
The Dome-Tech Group

  • The scope of work involved with this project included performing sound pressure level measurements inside classrooms to evaluate the noise from the unit ventilators installed.
  • The results were evaluated with respect to the design goals for the project.


Generator Enclosure Measurements: Eatontown, Lyndhurst, and Freehold, New Jersey
Kullman Industries, Inc.

  • Completed sound pressure level measurements of the noise produced by the operation of three different generators installed within acoustical enclosures provided by Kullman.
  • The results of these measurements will be compared to the enclosure's noise specification.


Pfizer Commissioning Sound Level Measurements: Brooklyn, New York
The Dome-Tech Group


  • The purpose of this study was to evaluate the noise emissions of the rooftop-mounted air handling unit, chiled water pumps, and exhaust fans with respect to the maximum allowable noise specification.
  • The scope of work included visiting the facility, performing sound pressure level measurements near each piece of equipment and comparing the results with the noise specification.



Emergency Generator Post-Installation Testing: Hanover Township, New Jersey
Celgene Corporation


  • LSG&A performed post-installation noise measurements during the operation of the emergency generator installed at hte Celgene facility.
  • Sound pressure level measurements were performed along the neighboring property line and in close proximity to the generator and were compared with acoustical design criteria and the applicable noise regulations.