Industrial Noise

LSG&A’s industrial noise experience includes measuring, evaluating, and recommending criteria for industrial noise transmitted to the surrounding community. We provide recommendations for noise control treatments for pumps, chillers, cooling towers, diesel generators, etc., for reducing community noise levels and employee noise exposure. Our services also include certifying and assessing hearing damage risk. LSG&A engineers work with plant engineers in developing acceptable procedures for reducing employee noise exposure compatible with OSHA requirements.

Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) Noise Control Feasibility Evaluation
Can Manufacturers Institute, Washington, D.C.

  • Completed a comprehensive evaluation of noise abatement measures for can and end manufacturing facilities.
  • LSG&A developed a guideline for the “significant reduction” that a noise abatement project must achieve to constitute a successful reduction. This guideline was used to evaluate general noise abatement methods applicable to can manufacturing as well as specific evaluations of enclosures, localized guards, silencers, and personal hearing protection.
  • LSG&A also provided a synopsis of historical measures performed by the can making industry in numerous efforts to reduce plant noise. This synopsis included an evaluation of specific equipment, processes and past projects that have been attempted, and that have failed to provide a significant reduction in sound levels or noise exposures.

Fragrance Manufacturer Rooftop Equipment Noise Abatement
Takasago International Corporation USA: Rockleigh, New Jersey


  • Performed octave band sound pressure level measurements at four locations in the neighboring residential property line to assess compliance with the local noise regulations.
  • After non-compliance was assessed, evaluated the individual property line sound pressure level contribution from nine rooftop exhaust fans and associated air handling units to determine the appropriate silencing for each unit.
  • Provided recommendations to reduce the rooftop noise by installing silencers and replacing vortex dampers with variable frequency drives.
  • Performed sound testing after the installation of the recommended noise control measures


Mining Health and Safety Administration (MSHA) Noise Regulation Preparation
Essroc Cement Corporation: Nazareth, Pennsylvania


  • In preparation for the revised MSHA standard for noise, LSG&A performed an overall plant noise survey for Essroc that included the company’s eight cement manufacturing plants located in the United States and Puerto Rico.
  • Sound pressure level measurements and personal noise monitoring were performed at each plant to assess which individual work positions would require feasible engineering and administrative controls to comply with the new MSHA standards.
  • Specific high noise areas were identified and recommendations for noise abatement measures and administrative controls were provided.


OSHA Noise Survey Source Evaluation and Recommendations: Clifton, New Jersey
SmithKline Beecham

  • Performed noise source measurements and prepared recommendations for reducing exposures in the packaging operation at the Clifton facility.