Multifamily Residential Communities

LSG&A has specific experience in the design of the acoustical aspects for wood, concrete, and metal-framed multifamily projects. We provide both design and testing services for the sound insulation associated with walls, sound and impact insulation of floor/ceiling systems, and the noise control of building mechanical and plumbing systems. We have completed numerous multifamily projects with developers such as Pulte Homes, K. Hovnanian, Toll Brothers, Millennium Homes, Roseland, Kara Homes, Liberty View Construction and Woodmont Properties in many states including New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Toll Brothers Highlands at Cranbury Brook: Plainsboro, New Jersey


  • Concrete and steel framed active adult community.
  • Developed standards for floor/ceiling and wall designs that provided cost effective sound and impact insulation ratings


Liberty Harbor North Development Project: Jersey City, New Jersey
Liberty View Construction


  • Reviewed the drawings for the proposed brownstone and townhouses at Liberty Harbor North, and the proposed partitions.
  • Evaluated the expected sound isolation performance of the proposed wall partitions, the sound and impact isolation of the floor/ceiling assemblies, isolation of outdoor noise through the roof, plumbing noise, elevator sound and vibration, any rooftop mechanical unit vibration, and HVAC equipment noise and vibration.
  • Provided recommendations to improve the sound and impact isolation of the proposed designs for the multi-unit residences.


The Dunes at Shoal Harbor: Port Monmouth, New Jersey
K. Hovnanian Companies Northeast, Inc.


  • Performed extensive sound and impact insulation measurements for both wall and floor/ceiling assemblies using open wood truss framing, and compared to relevant building codes.
  • Provided recommendations to improve the sound and impact insulation between adjacent residences.
  • Provided recommendations to decrease the noise due to plumbing and mechanical systems.
  • Performed additional testing to evaluate results of incremental changes in the floor/ceiling assembly design.


Liberty at Newtown, Connecticut
Ginsburg Development Company


  • Performed residential sound and vibration isolation design and testing.
  • Worked with GDC to design wall partitions and floor/ceiling assemblies that would provide proper sound and vibration isolation for the multi-family residential development.
  • Performed FSTC and FIIC tests to quantify the isolation between residential units.
  • Compared the results to the International Building Code.