The firm has considerable experience in analyzing airport noise impact and recommending noise reduction techniques. Our staff maintains state of the art noise monitoring equipment in order to conduct noise analyses for specialized studies and has developed our own proprietary software. They are knowledgeable of FHWA and FAA requirements for noise level analysis and noise abatement procedures.

Lexington School for the Deaf Aircraft Noise Abatement: Jackson Heights, New York
LAN Associates


  • The Lexington School for the Deaf is part of The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANY&NJ) and Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) program to soundproof schools affected by noise from aircraft using the region's airports. Founded in 1864, it is the largest school for the deaf in New York State. LSG&A performed baseline aircraft acoustical measurements and evaluated the existing sound pressure levels measured inside the educational spaces of the Lexington School for the Deaf due to the aircraft operations associated with LaGuardia International Airport.
  • The goal of the soundproofing project is to create a condition in the educational spaces in which the voice of the teacher or student is audible and intelligible, even in the presence of aircraft events. The staff and students at the Lexington School for the Deaf require an even greater emphasis to be placed on reduced classroom background noise, due to extensive use of hearing aids and voice amplifiers which increase the amplitude of all the sounds in the room, including the aircraft noise.


St. Athanasius and St. Anselum School Aircraft Abatement Projects: Bronx, New York
Ensign Engineering, P.C.

  • These two schools are part of the joint $44.5M program between The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the Federal Aviation Administration to provide noise abatement for classrooms in 20 schools in the New York and New Jersey area. The design goal for these school aircraft noise abatement projects is to create a condition in the classroom in which the voice of the teacher or student is audible and intelligible, even in the presence of aircraft takeoffs and landings due to the operations of LaGuardia Airport.


A.B. Won Pat International Airport: Guam
PCR Environmental, Inc./Guam International Airport Authority

  • LSG&A completed a F.A.R. Part 150 noise study to determine the potential acoustical impact of a major airport upgrade.
  • This study includes a lengthening of the major runways to accommodate larger aircraft, an increase in the number of flights and the phasing out of Category 2 aircraft.


Commerce Bank Helistop Noise Evaluation: Ramsey, New Jersey
Commerce Bank


  • Completed sound level measurements and noise impact evaluation for a proposed helistop at the Commerce Bank office.
  • Sound pressure level measurements were performed near the helistop and in the surrounding community during a series of arrivals and departures of the helicopter via the proposed primary and secondary flight paths.


St. Francis Elementary School: Hackensack, New Jersey
Ensign Engineering, P.C.

  • Performed an analysis of the interference with speech communication inside the classrooms of the St. Francis Elementary School, due to the operations of Teterboro Airport.
  • The noise evaluation was based upon sound pressure level measurements that were performed by LSG&A, at the school during operations at the airport.


Windemere At Hanover and Proposed Orchard Estates Residential Developments: Hanover, New Jersey
The Township of Hanover


  • Documented sound levels at the Windemere at Hanover development and the proposed location of the Orchard Estates residential development.
  • The principal sources of noise at the sites are the neighboring highways, Route I-287, the east bound Route 10 access roads and Route 10.