Vibration Analysis

Lewis S. Goodfriend & Associates provides services to measure noise and vibration levels and provide recommendations for noise control. Our clients include architects, pharmaceutical companies, and local and state agencies.


Good Samaritan Hospital: Suffern, New York
Christie Engineering

  • Performed interior vibration measurements and compared results with the appropriate standards for evaluating vibration in buildings.
  • Had doctors perform subjective evaluation of the perceived vibration levels in the building.
  • Provided recommendations for minimizing the vibration in the proposed cardio vascular procedure rooms.

Gelb Science Center Observatory, Phillips Academy: Andover, Massachussetts
Lammann McKinnell & Wood Architects

  • Performed measurements and provided vibration control design goals for the observatory with a 16-inch reflector telescope housed in its 18 1/2-foot dome.
  • Provided recommendations for vibration isolation of mechanical equipment.


Bronx City Recycling, 1390 Viele Avenue Facility: New York, New York
Gannett Fleming Engineers and Architects, P.C.

  • Performed sound pressure level and vibration measurements at the Bronx City Recycling facility
  • Compared the results to the New York City Zoning District M3 Performance standards.

New Culinary Arts Institute, Hudson County Community College: Jersey City, New Jersey
Rivardo Schnitzer Capazzi Architects & Planners

  • Performed an acoustical evaluation of the banquet and conference rooms at the Culinary Arts Institute at the Hudson County Community College.
  • Prepared a report summarizing the background noise design criteria and the associated noise control recommendations regarding the HVAC servicing these rooms necessary to meet the design criteria.

Metro North Railroad System: New York, New York

  • Assessment of rail vibration in the tunnel under Park Avenue, and design of a rail vibration isolation system to permit high speed operation in the tunnel without any increase in vibration levels in the adjacent buildings.